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Apr 11, 2016

Becky and Diana discuss the fourth part of P4, Passions, and how your passions work together with your Personality, Preferences, and Proficiencies to give you power over the direction of your life.

  • The idea of Passion is often misused, confusing, and even creates controversy.
  • The truth is, if you don’t follow your passion, it follows you.
  • Your passion drives and excites you. It is the things that carry you away or you find yourself getting lost in them.
  • People, teens especially, when feeling lost, often rebel into their passion as a source of comfort and familiarity.
  • Different passions take on different value through the seasons of your life and increased knowledge and experience.
  • Passions are not necessarily your career path, but they need a place in your life.
  • Passions don’t have to change the world, but honoring them will impact your little corner of it.
  • Support people, like friends, family, and coaches, are key to helping you uncover your passion.
  • Be patient, the world may not be ready for your passions at the same time you are, but never give up on them.
  • One way to recognize a true passion is that it energizes you.

Stamp of Brilliance

For Life Satisfaction: Feed Your Passions