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Apr 4, 2016

Becky and Diana discuss the third part of P4, Proficiencies, and how your proficiencies works with your Personality, Preferences, and Passion, to give you power over the direction of your life.

• Proficiencies are also known as skill building.
• Your best skills are the ones you can sustain, enjoy and get satisfaction from.
• It is estimated nearly 50% of the jobs available when students begin college as freshmen will not be available when they graduate.
• That is why most of the time it is important to choose a skill based major, as opposed to one on a specific job track.
• With the average plumber at 58 years old, and a welder’s salary often at 6 figures, Trade Schools are ideal for hands on, entrepreneurial students.
• Shadow someone already doing what you would like to do to learn more about careers.
• Soft skills, like compassion, are just as important for many careers as traditional skills, and require continual honing to stay effective.
• Differing skill sets can often make two people equally effective at the same career.
• Conversation and personal detective work are helpful in uncovering your strongest proficiencies. This knowledge empowers you to make better choices and life decisions.
• There are more ways to learn something new or hone an existing skill than ever before. When you choose the right way for you, there isn’t a wrong way.
• It is estimated 43% of college graduates do not pick up another book after graduation. This gives the life-long learner a definite advantage in both career and life.

Stamp of Brilliance
Your strongest proficiencies can be determined by asking yourself, “Can I sustain it? Do I enjoy it? Does it give me satisfaction?”