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Apr 4, 2016

Becky and Diana discuss the second part of P4, Preferences, and their importance in making choices about your educational and career choices and opportunities.

• P4 = Personality, Preferences, Proficiencies, & Passion. P to the 4th power!
• Diana created P4 because knowing these 4 things about yourself gives you power over the direction you take in life.
• The 2nd P is Preferences.
• Most people don’t take into account the importance preferences make on our life and career decisions.
• Preferences can change over time, based on our experiences.
• Deal Breakers; however, do not change. If wearing a tie makes you feel like you’re being strangled, you’re always going to hate wearing a tie. So don’t get a job where you have to wear a tie!
• To find out if your compromising on a Deal Breaker, listen to your inner voice.
• Skill-based majors and learning choices are the best way to enhance the skills you enjoy using. They also give you room to test and redirect your career path as you go.
• You can deepen your understanding of your preferences by asking yourself “Why are these preferences important?”
• Use your values as your GPS to keep you on the right course.
• If you find you need to adjust your course, remember that you’re adjusting it, not changing it.
• Preferences should never be based on other people’s expectations of you.
• You define your success, not other people or outside forces (like social media or peer pressure).
• When people tell you “You can’t” or “You should or shouldn’t,” their advice is based on their limited experience, including their own regrets and fears. Their advice really isn’t about you.

Stamp Of Brilliance - Be Aware Of Your Deal Breakers