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Feb 22, 2016

Episode 17: The Adventure of The Missing Piece

Becky and Diana discuss the importance of being able to describe what you want people to know about you and strategies for how to do it.

  • The Missing Piece is about the things you do differently that can set you apart from others because they just don’t understand.
  • You may need to make a conscious decision to share how they work best with their co-workers.
  • People can’t read your mind, so they don’t know if you’re being rude or not unless you tell them.
  • Who do you want to be at work or in social settings?
  • Practice your life story with someone you trust so they can help you tell it better.
  • It is your responsibility to help people understand how you work, so you can be most productive.
  • People don’t know what you need to succeed unless you tell them.
  • Assessments are a great tool to help you understand yourself better.
  • Assessments can give you the language to more accurately describe yourself to others.
  • Let the people you work with (or go to school with) know you want to participate and be part of the process.
  • Say YES to opportunities, and ask to be involved.
  • Be brave. Choosing to be your best self can be a challenge, so can explaining yourself. But the rewards you’ll receive from doing it is worth it.

Stamp of Brilliance

Have the courage to let people know what you can do.