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Feb 8, 2016


Becky and Diana discuss the value in letting go of things that no longer serve you.


Ideas and Expectations

  • When you let go of ideas that no longer work for you, you make room for new ones to grow.
  • Diana recommends the book Essentialism, by Greg McKeown, as a great resource to identify what is most important to you, so you can be more comfortable letting things go.
  • Even when you know something isn’t working it you can find yourself comfortable in the craziness. This makes it hard to let go.
  • Other people’s expectations of us are often in our own minds
  • Communication is critical, remember to ask instead of assuming what others need from you.
  • “An expectation is a premeditated disappointment.”


That Internal Voice

  • Erase the tapes repeating in your thoughts that don’t support you and your goals and replace them with better ones.
  • Strategy: Writing down how you see a situation in a negative light, then rewrite the situation from a positive point of view. Feel free to destroy the negative one.

 People and Places

  • People can be very hard to let go of because of the emotional connection.
  • Even people who influence you negatively can be hard to let go of because you have gotten used to the behavior and even negative attention is attention.
  • People come into our life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Learn to identify their purpose.
  • Give yourself permission to let people go, it makes room in your life for new relationships.
  • Strategies for letting people go include being up front if you can, or let it run its course naturally, or lovingly detach from the person.
  • Listen to the voice that tells you it’s time to move on from a place, job, or organization.

The Past

  • You have permission to learn from the past and release it.
  • Focus on the lessons you’ve learned, not the experiences.
  • Releasing old experiences makes room for new ones.

Stamp of Brilliance

When you learn from those smelly little life lessons, they can serve as the foundation of future successes.