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Jan 25, 2016

Becky and Diana discuss 5 specific strategies and tools they use to keep it all together and stay focused.


Diana:  Uses a whiteboard because she needs visuals. She takes a picture and makes it the wallpaper on her phone and computer so it becomes portable!

Becky: Uses the Nozbe & Asana apps so she can track and access her goals and info on all platforms (phone, tablet, laptop).

Bonus: is a website that sends you reminders about your goals.


Diana: Uses her life to set her pace. Her dogs, her kids, her life in general set the pace of her work. This allows her to honor the season of her life and her priorities without guilt.

Becky: Uses the Breaktime app, a recurring timer, so she can set both the length of time and length of her breaks to set her pace based on the tasks at hand.


Diana: Calendars, highlighters, and markers because she need them in her face. Her favorite is Jon Acuff’s Do Over Calendar.

Becky: Her checkbook!! Outlook and Nozbe.

Both Becky and Diana also count on people. Having great people around you is the best accountability strategy. 

SQUIRREL: Use Squirrel Repellent to stay on track!

Diana: Visual, vision boards, whiteboards, checking in with goals. She always asks the question: Is this serving me?

Becky: Her checkbook and deadlines. Using deadlines helps her stay accountable to herself.

CELEBRATE! Don’t miss the WOW!

Diana: Win Jar, where she writes down her wins (small and large) and puts them in her jar every day. Of course, it’s decorated!

Becky: Uses idonethis, an app that asks her what she’s done every day.

Bonus: Keep a fan mail file, either digitally or on paper. Put all the compliments and accolades you receive in your file so you can look it on down days!


Celebrate the wins, so they can motivate you to keep moving forward and stay on track!