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Sep 2, 2018

Becky and Diana discuss how a change in perspective can change everything. 

  • Perspective is examining things from a particular point of view.
  • Sometimes we need to change our perspective on a task before we can successfully accomplish it.
  • Since other people’s perspectives can shift ours, it’s important to cultivate...

Jul 14, 2018


Becky and Diana examine how we set ourselves up to fail. 

  • It’s never intentional.
  • We over estimate our resources.
  • Things either fall away because they have to or we can choose to let them go.
  • We often take an all or nothing attitude.
  • There is never a perfect time to do anything, so what can you do now to change...

Jun 29, 2018

Becky and Diana explore the games people play even without realizing they’re doing it. 

  • A game is anything that prohibits straight talk and honest exchange.
  • We can cultivate the people around us who don’t play games.
  • Keeping personal information close and revealing it slowly isn’t a game.
  • Parenting often unfolds...

Jun 21, 2018

Becky and Diana discuss how a fresh start can give new life to an old plan.  

  • You can just start over.
  • A fresh start makes it easier to start and leave the history behind.
  • When we step up and identify a different approach to a situation it opens us to even more approaches.
  • A fresh start allows us to see things with new...

Jun 15, 2018

Becky and Diana talk about the different values we place on our gifts and skills. 

  • We're trained to give away our gifts (talents).
  • Just because our gifts come easily to us doesn’t mean they come easy to everybody.
  • If our talents aren’t valued by certain people, we don’t feel valued by them either.
  • Our talents...