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Nov 15, 2017

Becky and Diana discuss the voices we carry with us and provide ideas to make sure they are the best ones for us. 

  • We get to choose whose voice we listen to.
  • Sometimes we can decide to just take a nugget of wisdom from one of the voices.
  • We also accumulate voices when we read
  • Where we are in life is a great barometer for choosing whose voice we decide to listen to.
  • Words like “The One,” “The Best,” and “The Only” are clues that the voice speaking to us may not really be for us, and that’s okay.
  • Often when we take on the wrong voices, we start feeling wrong.
  • Our role models are excellent sources for finding good voices to listen to.
  • Taking in every voice you hear can become an overwhelming burden.
  • Replace the negative voices with positive ones.